Vicki Meagher

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Full-Length Plays

Cat's Pajamas

Produced by Teatro Paraguas

in Santa Fe, New Mexico October 2023

A video of the play is available for viewing at:

Cast: 2 or 3. In the aftermath of a tragedy that pits them together, a middle-aged paraplegic man and a young suicidal woman try to become friends. (Drama)

Sister's Keeper

Cast: 2. Fraternal twin sisters have a lifetime love-hate relationship, starting in the womb and continuing into their 70s. (Drama/dark comedy)

Camp Wonder

Cast: 5 (2 primary, 3 secondary). A woman with a fierce attachment to individual freedom finds herself in a re-education camp established by the authoritarian regime of the Feather Federation of States. (Dystopian satire/political thriller/love story)

Is It Over Yet? 

Cast: 14 (fewer with doubling). Fourteen people in Albuquerque, New Mexico successfully struggle through the pandemic with issues they had before the pandemic. (Drama/comedy)

Death Valley

Cast: 5. Hundreds of years after the end of human life on earth, a trio of beings from another world land in Death Valley and discover a woman living under an alluvial fan. (Futuristic drama)

Mother Yucca

Cast: 5. A woman with psychic ability is reluctant to fully use her powers to heal herself, until spurred on by an other-worldly person. (Paranormal drama about healing)

Limestone City 

Cast: 4; semi-elaborate set. Four grown siblings hole up in a limestone cavern to wait out the nuclear apocalypse caused by extreme climate change tensions. (Paranormal Southern gothic climate-change apocalypse drama) 

Baby Brain 

Cast: 4. A 15-year-old autistic boy and 21-year-old bipolar woman get pregnant. Their mothers have conflicting ideas about what should be done. (Drama)

Daddy Dustball 

Cast: 5. Three grown children who hate their father come home to watch him die. (Family drama)

Say Yes to Tootlebritches 

Cast: 3 (1 major, 2 minor). An agnostic woman losing control of her mind conjures up a way to save herself by invoking someone from another realm.(Paranormal drama)


Remembering Mackie Landerson

Cast: 4; minimal set. The mother and wife in a four-person family leads herself and her loved ones out of the immediate afterlife. (Paranormal drama)