Vicki Meagher



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Long Plays

Mother Yucca (full-length)

A woman with psychic ability is reluctant to fully use her powers to heal herself, until spurred on by an other-worldly person.

Limestone City (full-length)

Four siblings hole up in a limestone cavern to try to outlast the


Baby Brain (full-length)

A 15-year-old autistic boy and 21-year-old bipolar woman get pregnant. Their mothers have conflicting ideas about what should be done.

Daddy Dustball (full-length) 

Three grown children who hate their father come home to watch him die.

Say Yes to Tootlebritches (full-length) 

Fiftysomething woman losing control of her mind retreats to a cabin in woods, using extraordinary means to save herself. 

​The Mind Has Legs (one-hour)

In the aftermath of a tragedy that pits them together a middle-aged paraplegic man and a young suicidal woman become friends. 

Remembering Mackie Landerson (one-hour)

A family in the afterlife is led to seek a better incarnation by the wife and mother.