Vicki Meagher


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Full-Length Plays

Death Valley  

Hundreds of years after the end of human life on earth, a trio of beings from another world land in Death Valley and discover a woman living under an alluvial fan.

Camp Wonder

A woman with a fierce attachment to individual freedom finds herself in a re-education camp established by the authoritarian regime of the Feather Federation of States. 

Mother Yucca

A woman with psychic ability is reluctant to fully use her powers to heal herself, until spurred on by an other-worldly person.

Limestone City 

Four grown siblings hole up in a limestone cavern to wait out the nuclear apocalypse caused by extreme climate change tensions.

Baby Brain 

A 15-year-old autistic boy and 21-year-old bipolar woman get pregnant. Their mothers have conflicting ideas about what should be done.

Daddy Dustball 

Three grown children who hate their father come home to watch him die.

Say Yes to Tootlebritches 

An aging, agnostic/atheist woman conjures up a way to save herself, even after she tries to commit suicide by freezing to death, by invoking someone from another realm. 

​The Mind Has Legs

In the aftermath of a tragedy that pits them together, a middle-aged paraplegic man and a young suicidal woman become friends. 

Remembering Mackie Landerson

The mother and wife in a four-person family leads herself and her loved ones out of the immediate afterlife (the bardo).